Our resident homes are located in the quiet, small rural farming community of Stewartstown in York County. Being in south-central Pennsylvania, we are 40 minutes directly north of Baltimore, MD, within one mile of the Maryland line, and 25 minutes south of York, PA just 4 miles off Exit 4 of I83 on PA Route 851.

How it works...

We expect results from our home members who must be committed to change and we have found the average stay of a successful house member to be six months. Members, however, may stay as long as they like if it continues to help maintain their sobriety or helps in restoring a safe comfort level until they are ready to move back into the mainstream. Many members have thus had the time to restore their family and friends’ communication, make amends, and get their finances squared away to where they are ready to be on their own. The requirements remain the same for all home members– that of working a program of recovery, following rental and program guidelines, and having less then 4 house violations in a given year. Some home members have elected to stay 3 year and a half to over eight years.

Our number of members per home is small, 3 to 8 usually, because we strive to offer the small personal interactive home concept with structure and support to attain permanence in sobriety.  We are not a MILL, passing members through just for the money or to offer temporary shelter for a few days is not our objective. We strongly believe in Step 12, that of passing the message of hope and of a way out of active addiction while applying principles in all our affairs.

Homes have a live in home coordinator who has personally dealt with addiction and they will help guide the new home member in their journey to lasting recovery. An overall housing facilities manager and assistant manager are present everyday for additional support, guidance, and evaluation of adherence to program guidelines and rental agreement. The owner and his wife, women’s manager, are also available, too.

It takes constant effort to gain sobriety and to maintain it but once change has taken place then this effort becomes second nature through practice just as breathing is necessary for life. The road to recovery is somewhat different for each addicted individual but there are certain truisms that apply in all recovery.  Some of these are that: “nothing changes if nothing changes,” addiction is a family disease affecting every member, it takes more then just wanting to change–it takes action, and that acceptance is the key to all of our problems today to find peace with life. We know that a person’s addiction had become their solution to meeting life’s demands and therefore they need to learn to meet life on life’s terms in a constructive, nondestructive way. A new way of living needs to be established, practiced, and become part of the new person’s life style. 

You were Anthony’s angel for the short time you knew him as you are for so many others...Supporting and loving the lost.
Ms. Seitz, you recently took my daughter and I to see your women’s home. She probably never called tell you she was not ready. She continues to struggle with addiction and we are preparing to give her the ultimatum of residential treatment or life on the street. At this horrible time, I wanted to thank you for what you do for young women who have no place to go. I pray that when my daughter is ready for help, she will find it in the many people like yourself and in places like Just4Today Sober Living.”