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It takes constant effort to gain sobriety within an addiction and to maintain sobriety. The road to recovery is somewhat different for each addicted individual but there are certain truisms that apply in all recovery. Some of these are that: “nothing changes if nothing changes;” Addiction is a family disease affecting every member; It takes more than just wanting to change–it takes action; And that acceptance is the key to all of our problems today to find peace with life. We know that a person’s addiction had become their solution meeting life and therefore they need to learn to meet life on life’s terms in a constructive way. A new way of living needs to be established, practiced, and become part of the new person’s lifestyle.



Our objective is to offer a safe, supportive and supervised home environment based on improving the physical, emotional financial and spiritual growth of an addicted client. We have them working a 12-step program so they have the opportunity to achieve freedom from active addiction, thus allowing them to re-enter society as successful, contributing citizens that are dependent upon themselves.



We expect results from our home members who must be committed to change in order to gain solid, continuous sobriety. Members may stay as long as they like if the stay continues to help maintain their sobriety or helps in restoring a safe comfort level until members are ready to move back into the mainstream. We wish to give members the time to restore their family and friends’ communication, make amends, and get their finances squared away to where they are ready to be on their own. The overall requirements remain the same for all home members–that of working a program of recovery, following rental and program guidelines, and having less than 4 house violations in a given year.

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Each home uses a live-in home coordinator who has personally dealt with addiction and they will help guide a home member in their journey to lasting recovery. An overall housing facilities’ manager is present for additional support, guidance, and evaluation of adherence to program guidelines, rental agreement, or recovery life plan. An individual recovery life plan may be developed for a house member depending on their needs as addiction/behavior dictates and to give specific direction in aiding recovery. the owner, Larry Seitz, is available and accessible to all home members at various times. A zero tolerance in active addiction must apply at all times to be a member in residence.