Letter sent to Governor Wolf

The end game to RECOVERY is to be able to stay drug or alcohol free and be a contributing, happy individual living and working in a community. The money you provided, 45 million for Opioid addiction, already allocated is ear marked, for areas of TREATMENT. Viewing the selected entities chosen (3) in York County it was done by individuals who know little about full addiction recovery needs. At this point the money will go for getting the drug Vivitrol which blocks only opiates and alcohol. The rest of the millions will go to detox, rehab, counseling entities.

The stark, sad realization with this decision, with seemly no input from front line professionals, is that once released from a 3-10 day detox center, being sent to a 10-28 day rehab program the individuals are still in need of structure, psychological services, and above all--safe, secure housing. It is proven time and time again through addicted individuals that they create higher expenses to the community by their repeated relapses, crimes, and thus relapses to sometimes the same rehab which can cost as little as $18,900 per month stay up to $40,000 per month. The cost of monitored, safe housing is less then $22.00 a day compared with the $675.00 per day in a rehab and more per day for detox, $875.00. Detox first--true, Rehab next, then to considered 6 month stay in structured recovery housing (check your own stated suggested 6 month stay from State Prison and county PO guidelines).

What is being missed with this decision of allocation is that structured, clean, safe housing with rules and programs can minimize the number of relapses or deter relapses and decrease the repeat "rehab hoppers" as the addicted individuals call themselves while going from one rehab to another for a bed, 3 meals, and as place to "dry out" and rest or hideout from consequences. The argument here is that a full spectrum to recovery must be addressed for recovery or there is little success for lasting, sustainable recovery (9 out of 10 prisoners released return to PA prisons within one year). Addicted individual are just returned to their "triggers," their old enablers, and the drug areas they cannot escape from trying to recover.

I do not expect much from this letter as we already were in Senator Scott Wagner's office last Monday and on Tuesday met with representatives Kristin Hill and Saylor when they indicted where all this money went even after we taught them the misgivings of present approaches as being short-sighted and not providing a final, cheaper and more successful solution for recovery. Yo must already be aware that the "Treat and Release" practice of general hospitals is not working as people are still dying later, even within hours of being released.

I suggest you look at Health Choices or also known as The Bridge Support for supplementary recovery housing now in place in York and Adams County as a model supplying $400 PER MONTH toward recovery housing which is so much cheaper then the mentioned $675 PER DAY stay in rehab (100 West Market Street Suite B-01 York PA 17401).

Thank you for your consideration of this matter and I hope it can be properly addressed and corrected in future allocations to achieve the fullest possible recovery of our addicted children, sons and daughters at a much better cost factor and fuller success rate then the present approach. And please feel free to call on me for any input you feel necessary. Thank you.


Harry Carnahan

Facilities Manager, Just 4 Today Sober Living

Stewartstown PA 17363