J4TSL—Just 4 Today Sober Living

Short form of Guideline Policies


NOTE   “… “ indicates there is a longer explanation to policy which is not stated in this shorter form.




1.   ONE form of current or former matching picture ID (state ID, school ID, welfare pic, prison ID) is required.

2.   Clean urinalysis on intake must be given.

3.   No narcotic prescription medications allowed.

4.   No open bench warrants.

5.   No sex, hate, or violent charges on past record or in pending case(s).

6.   Must have completed detox and/or rehab if active use was present (need proof of satisfactory discharge. No AMAs allowed).

7.   Entrance fee of $400.00 or suitable solution to pay fee expected.

8.   A longer period for readmission may be necessary for a relapse. 

9.   No one may return after a relapse/use for at least 5 days.

10.There is a 30-day probation period from intake date.

11.Person must give information for intake, complete forms and sign.

12.Persons have a (6) six-month committed stay with Just 4 Today Sober Living.

13.Abide by a noncontact period, in reference to significant other, family, friends, opposite sex, and/or alternative sexual preference for 30 days from intake.

14.Accept that normally, individuals who wish to live at J4TSL cannot be on or start Methadone or Suboxone without an individual review of the potential member’s specific needs vs. what our physical location and physical facilities can accommodate.

15.No personal phone, notebook, or laptop possession first 30 days or until active job is secured.



1.   Members agree not to consume alcohol or any mind-altering chemical while living in any of the J4TSL homes... 

2.   Members must have no drug paraphernalia on your body, in your possession, among your personal things, or in your assigned home area, or other areas at any-time while a member of J4TSL.

3.    Nothing is to be hung or taped on any walls nor should holes be placed in a wall without management approval.

4.   Do not borrow any amounts of money or ask for money from other members of the J4TSL program or staff.

5.   A person coming to the home under the influence shall not be admitted and a staff member will be immediately notified of such an attempt.

6.   J4TSL reserves the right to inspect any mail or packages delivered to the PO Box, the home, or any mail receptor provided for/at a home at any time. This includes phones and/or other media/electronic devices. 















1.   With 30 days or less from intake date, a member must be on home property by 10:00pm. 

2.   After 30 days from intake date, a member must be on home property by 10:00pm Sun-Thurs while on Fri. or Sat. may be out till 11:00pm.

3.   No overnight leaves within the first 90 days after the intake date…

4.   A sign-out book is to be used when leaving the home at all times…

5.   Members will not steal or use anyone’s’ personal property…  

6.   No weapons of any kind will be permitted…

7.   At no time is permission given nor to be assumed for any illegal activity as defined by local, state, or federal law to be permitted or allowed to take place in a home or on the property of such.

8.    Physical force on anyone living or visiting in home  or elsewhere will not be tolerated.

9.   Attendance is mandatory at home meetings called by the owner of the homes.

10.Keep bedroom and home neat and bed is to made daily by 9:00am.

11.Questions/concerns will first be directed to the facilities manager in writing. 

12.No locks/devices restricting access are to be put on inside/outside areas. 

13.No animals, excluding designated personal care animals are allowed. 

14.No business practices for money are to be conducted at the home. 

15.No personal clothing items are to be left in the general living areas used by everyone.

16.Laundry is not to exceed one laundry basket for the washing machine. 

17.Member’s responsibility is to clean room and vacuum weekly by Friday 7:00pm…

18.Members will be assigned jobs/chores in and around the home.

19.New general rules are added by conferring with Facilities Manager…

20.Members living in the home during freezing weather, ice, or snow are responsible for removal from front and side/rear porches, and sidewalks within 5 hours of weather stopping…

21.Members will be up, out of bed, and fully dressed by 9:00am. 

22.Members (excluding coordinators) are to be in their respective bedroom area by 11:00pm for sleep/lights-out.

23.Main meals are to be consumed in the downstairs area provided for eating.

24.No dishes are to be left in any rooms and only small snacks are to be consumed in the bedroom areas

25.New members coming into J4TSL are not allowed to bring/purchase any stationary electronic devices for using in any bedroom areas. No Xbox, WII, Smart-tv, Controllers, player(s), or desk computers/monitors, or printers allowed—excluded are notebooks, pads, phones)…

26.Members are to report to staff by 7:00pm Friday if they are not bringing rent over, meeting slips, and transport schedules

27.Management reserves the right to switch a member to another home if it is deemed in the best interest of the member, home, and/or the program…


















1.   Women or men members of J4TSL who have a car or access to transportation will not provide transportation for members of the opposite sex living in the homes… 

2.   To bring a motor vehicle to the home, member must have valid driving license and the vehicle must be registered, inspected and insured. (Only one vehicle per home member)…

3.   No transportation will be provided before 6:00am and all transportation will end at 10:00pm within 9 miles…

4.   Member has the responsibility to cancel transport they scheduled if not needed…

5.   Transportation needs are to be taken to home # 17 each Friday for all transport for the coming week.

6.   For the 1stthirty (30) days from your intake date, our transportation will be cost free to you, provided only for necessary required appointments pertaining to matters and consequences of recovery (weather permitting)-- (i.e.: local dr., hospital, snap, state insurance, IOP, counseling, PO, court appearances, pay fines, place job applications, work). One day a week, coordinated with other members, local transportation will be provided for personal needs (Saturday 2:00pm--i.e.: hair, food shopping, Walmart, etc.). 

7.   After the first 30 days, a weekly charge of $20.00 will be added to your weekly membership fee. At no times will transportation exceed 19-miles in one way going north as based on I83 and will not cross the state line; an additional cost per visit/trip of $10.00 will be added to any doctor/non-recovery appointments/visits outside of the zip codes of 17361 and the 17363…

8.   Cancellation of all transport during times of bad weather will be at the will of management.








1.   Member’s having prescription medication(s) will require the use of a lockbox to be kept in bedroom, locked, and out of sight of everyone.

2.   Any member placed on an opioid medication by a doctor must immediately inform facilities manager…

3.   No opioids or MAT medications prescribed by a doctor may be kept at a home…





1.   Full home/transportation dues will be paid on Friday between 5:00-7:00pm at home # 17 unless another time is approved.

2.   Members whose rent is not paid in full each week will turn over their pay processing means (DD, CC, check, etc.) and an appropriate allowance will be given until all money owed is paid in full. 

3.   Individuals in danger of losing their housing will be notified with a warning of eviction notice where they have 7 days to get amount owed reduced to below $266.00 and will be placed on probation status until so (this status includes: no overnights, no phone, no computer access, curfew, non-contact period, reduced transportation, et al)… 




1.   Members capable of part-time or full-time work must work at least 20 hours per week (80 hours per month) or equivalent in volunteer work.

2.   A paying job within 30 days of intake date must be found and maintained.

3.   From intake date a member must focus on securing work and putting into place all recovery guidelines.

4.   Members should have a new job set and ready to move into before quitting any existing job.




1.   Attend a minimum of any (5) ---AA, NA, OEA, GA, SA, or Life Recovery meetings a week and a signed meeting slip required turned in weekly on Friday for 90 days from intake (a therapist, an addiction counselor, combined weekly IOP sessions, or one relapse prevention session does qualify as one meeting).

2.   Have a sponsor outside of our program within 30 days of entering the home from intake date and be working a 12-step program of recovery.

3.   Member must be working with their chosen sponsor weekly…

4.   Have, within 30 days, a home group and doing service work...

5.   Members may not use a cell phone or other tech devices during home meetings or at 12-step meetings...





1.   No resident is to enter the private living area of another without knocking first AND waiting for an answer to enter (this excludes management.)

2.   No member shall discuss or disclose information in any form with a person outside of our program concerning information given to them on purpose or by accident about another member with the intent to gossip or to harm..

3.   As an organization, J4TSL will adhere to state and federal privacy rules and we will not release information on a member to outside sources without due process or contractual and/or legal requirements placed upon us to do so…









1.   At intake meeting or later a member may have restricted use or no use of a cell phone/home phone or other electronic device for at least 30 days due to misbehaviors … 

2.   Members are not to engage in character assassination at home, away from the home, or in any social media.

3.   Member will not post to any social media any information that may identify another member, or a member of a 12-step program by their name or their picture as to their location at anytime, tag them in an activity involved in, or of their condition, friendships or associations.

4.   J4TSL reserves the right to inspect any phones and/or other media or electronic devices of members.

5.   A phone call, email, or text to a home member by a home coordinator or a staff member requires a response in kind.

6.   There is a no use of any electronic device after 11:00pm until 5:00am.

7.   An acceptable use policy is in effect for usage of all electronic devices and home computers…

8.   No software (programs, apps, music, pics, etc.) is to be downloaded/stored or installed or software be installed or removed from any of J4TSL devices.

9.   Members will not improperly record, access, misappropriate, transmit or misuse the files, data, information or likenesses of others.

10.The use of any electronic devices/network in our homes is not to access obscene or pornographic materials and is prohibited.

11.No illegal activities are allowed according to any local, state, or federal laws on any electronic devices.









1.   Members face possible expulsion from the home of at least five days if they fail to fulfill payment of dues (rent)  or have greater then 3 violations of home rules within one year of intake date… 

2.   After 30 days of probation, the membership status to continue membership will be reviewed or to add a Life Recovery Plan…

3.   If there is an offense (except sobriety) concerning a house rule of more than two written warnings within any given month then your membership agreement is subject to cancelation.

4.   Discipline such as restricted internet/WIFI usage, computer usage, restricted phone/cell phone usage anywhere, reduced transportation, curfews, an escort to be able to leave home, instituting a noncontact period concerning communications or visiting individuals on or away from our facilities, switching a housing assignment, having a PO intervention, or leaving our program for 5 days are a few discipline procedures that may be implemented but are not just limited to these…






1.   Any treatment at a medical facility requires the turning into the facilities manager a copy of all discharge information within 24 hours of release from the facility and/or instructions and medications given during the visit and for the discharge… 

2.   Members are to report upon treatment at any medical facility that the member is in recovery and state their specific addiction to medical personnel.

3.   If a need to access a medical facility arises, the member is responsible to inform the owner or facilities manager/designee that member needs a medical facility. 






1.   Upon entry, J4TSL will be provided a basic food supply for up to 3 days.

2.   Members are required to supply their own food after entry. 

3.   Members must store food properly in provided area in their assigned home.

4.   Member must do any cooking in the home.

5.   No visitor is to be cooking or cleaning in any home.

6.   Members are to clean up all cook-ware, plates, etc. right after eating.

7.   No member is to take any food belonging to another member without permission.

8.   No member is obligated to share any of their food with another member.

9.   No member will leave any cooking food unattended to go do another activity.




1.   No form of any type of abuse will be tolerated by anyone, to anyone while a resident, visitor, or volunteer at J4TSL.

2.   Members have a duty and responsibility to report any observed or suspected physical, mental, or sexual abuse by any member of a home, by a professional, any volunteer, or by a visitor to a home to those in management of J4TSL directly to owner Larry Seitz. 

3.   Reported abuse needs to be in the form of a written statement stating the person(s) involved, the dates of abuse, location, and type of suspected abuse observed or learned of.








1.   Members agree to take random drug or alcohol screening if ask (refusal to take test (s) is immediate justification for dismissal from program and home). If the screening proves positive the member will be asked to leave immediately and have all their things removed within 5 hours or all items will be donated or disposed of at end of 30 days.

2.   If a test is inconclusive or the facilities manager/designee is uncertain, then test (s) may be performed at an independent laboratory at the expense of the resident ($44.00 est.). The member may stay at the home or may be moved to another home if they are determined not to be of any threat to others or to self until results are returned, but that member will be under house restrictions given by the facilities manager/designee.

3.   Members must avoid using food or liquids containing poppy seeds, mouthwash containing alcohol, and certain cold and cough medications due to drug testing.

4.    No soliciting, no exchanging, or storing of drugs/alcohol for any one inside or outside of homes.

5.   Home coordinators may do drug testing but any decisions or consequences resulting from testing becomes the responsibility of a staff member.

6.   Any submission of a urine specimen that is not your own or altered in any way is cause for immediate discharge from the J4TSL program.




1.    Member will report to the facilities manager in writing of any conflict or dispute involved within their home, or of any conflict involved in with any business or neighbor.

2.   Any threat or act of violence (including verbal) towards a staff person or other member(s) will be cause for immediate discharge.

3.   Members are not allowed to use continuous lewd or profane language in or away from the home they are assigned to while at J4TSL.

4.   Loud noise is not permitted within or outside of a home.




1.   No smoking shall take place within the home.

2.   Smoking may be done outside(some homes have restricted areas set aside for smoking).

3.   Borrowing of smoking materials between members is unacceptable, buy your own.

4.   During transport in a foundation car, no smoking is permitted.





1.   Members wanting to be away overnight must be off probation, have been a resident for 90 days, and give three days advance notice of planned leave. 

2.   No more than two overnights can be granted per week. 

3.   A member taking an overnight for any amount of time who has 90 days to 12 months may be automatically drug tested upon their reentry and the cost of test ($8.50) will be added to their bill.




1.   There is to be no developing of relationships while a member of J4TSL between other members of J4TSL. Members of the opposite sex or sexual preference are off limits at all times at the homes, at meetings, or unless a social event/meeting is planned by J4TSL.







1.   No overnight guest allowed in homes, and any woman-man-child guests are confined to common areas of the home downstairs at all times.

2.    No males or females who are not staff members are to be in or on the home of a female/male client without three (3) days prior approval, excluded times are in the event of a general meeting, approved sponsor, approved transport, or social event. 

3.   A visit is not to be longer than four (4) hours and confined to the common areas downstairs or outside and all visits end at 9:00pm.

4.   A person attempting to visit the home while on parole/probation is not admitted without prior approval.

5.   Guests may not enter before 9:00am. 

6.   Management reserves the right to place any individual off limits for visiting a J4TSL home.


Emergency Policy


1.   In an emergency situation as determined by a staff member, a staff member or the designee may contact any outside source for the safety and/or health issues of any member in our program…

2.   The 911 phone number is to be called for all fire, overdoses, physical confrontations/need, intruder situations, or other danger presented to a member or home.

3.   The Facility Manager 717-887-7906,Assistant Manager 717-309-0276, or Larry Seitz 717-495-2674is to be called immediately of any danger, or threatened danger to a client of our program or a possible danger to the home itself.

4.   All homes have a specific Emergency Plans posted  and this information should be learned upon entering a home

5.   All homes have flashlights, Narcan kits, and fire extinguishers on each floor and this should be learned on entering a home.





1.   Member being asked to leave J4TSL must have all of their things removed within 5 hours and are not permitted on or in a property or home after they leave. J4TSL is not responsible for any items left once a member leaves…

2.   Personal belongings must be retrieved within 72 hours of departing the home when leaving is due to no fault of the member…

3.   Management reserves the right to proceed to local district court or York Credit Bureau for the collection of money owed J4TSL...

4.   Members who are paying on a monthly basis must give a 10-day written notice of departure to the facilities manager…

5.   Members paying weekly must give a 7-day written notice of departure to the facilities…

6.   There will be no refunds without the approval of the facilities manager/owner of J4TSL homes.

7.   No future member attempting to return may enter the JFTSL program until all past debt has been settled for both the membership dues and the house money owed…














Revised membership agreement and/or program guidelines as stated by revision date is the current document under which a member must adhere to, and 

which we operate under, and the current FULL REVISED GUIDELINES POLICY document will be posted in each home.

REVISION DATE:    02/26/19






















1.    Off of probation

2.    Change in curfew times

3.    Allowed cell phone

4.    End of non-contact rule

5.    Member may have his/her own transportation for work only




1.   Member allowed over nights

2.   Member may have his/her own transportation for all uses





1.   Certificate of Achievement awarded for successful completion

2.   May apply to become a home coordinator for J4TSL





1.   Member may apply to live in Sober Home.